Ways To Take Care Of Your Wooden Furniture

The good looks of your living room depends on your furniture. It is a necessity to polish your furniture to maintain it’s healthy look and to protect it. Use old clothes when polishing your home furniture. Avoid the use of coarse material, old clothing that can be having any buttons or snaps, to prevent damage to your valuable furniture. Keep the furniture away from sunlight and moisture. Use wood care products which are recommended to treat the damages in your furniture. If you have any wax drippings in your furniture, the wax dropping can be hard to get rid of but it doesn’t mean that they are impossible to get rid. If the wax on your furniture is still soft, use ice wrapped in a plastic cover to harden the wax, then use a spatula to remove it, carefully. Using a oil wood care product, helps protect your furniture against wax stains, crayon stains and other stains which can cause harm to your valuable furniture.

Ways to decorate your living room

When you decorate your living room, make sure that you put your heart and soul into it and that the color of your furniture gets along with the color of your walls. If your house is having a modern design, don’t use any antique furniture. Perfect to add pillows to look glamour to your living room is by using cushions, they will make your living room cozy and comfortable.

You can always buy good quality cushions online. Add flowers to your living room, flowers will never go wrong but keep in mind that you have to match the colours and stick to a color theme. If you choose light furniture, it will prevent the living room from feeling cramped. If your walls are white, use different textures to prevent from giving your living room a boring look. Having quotes on your wall can inspire your visitors as well as give a unique look to your living area. Use floral designs for your curtains and furniture. Flowers won’t go wrong.

If your having oversized furniture, it’s okay to put them against the wall but don’t put any other furniture against wall to create a dead blank space in the middle of your living room.

How to make your house smell good

The scent in your living space can affect your mood, just like the color of the walls and furniture used. Add water to a small container and citrus and herbs like mint, to spread the sweet smell around your house. Many might not know this, but using candles can add a good smell to your house, if it’s properly placed. Place the candles away from fabrics. Having indoor plants will do magic in cleaning your air in your house, so place the plants in a well lit area and water them regularly.