Tips For Washing Your House


If you want to make your house more appealing, and make it the best looking out of all the houses on your street, you can start of by giving the exterior of your home a good cleaning. Have an outer coating that is spot free, and shiny as new can be the difference in being the best looking home to being a dull one. The tools you use to wash the exterior of your home depends on the type of materials your house is built with. Not using the appropriate tools can only damage the exterior rather than clean it. Given below are some tips in washing your house.

Pressure wash

The ideal times to use a pressure wash is when a house is built with wood siding or even vinyl. This is because these type of materials are considerably strong and has the ability to withstand the pressure which comes with pressure washing. Now, don’t go running to the store, firstly you must thoroughly examine the exterior and start off with cleaning out whatever dirt using the minimalist way possible, if this does not work then you can resort to high powered equipment.


If pressure washing is not going to be an annual thing then there is no point in investing in a pressure washer, but if you plan on pressure washing your house every year, then it is best in buying yourself a pressure washer. This nothing like domestic window cleaning, and takes much more effort in trying to reach all parts of the exterior. The use of soap is not necessary if you don’t have any mold to get rid of, and the type of nozzle you choose depends on the difficulty of getting out dirt. For a mere cleanse, a 40 degree nozzle would do, but for the difficult dirt it is preferable to use a 25 degree one.

How to pressure was

If this sounds like a tough task for you to do, similar to domestic window cleaning services, there are plenty of professional who can help you. But, if you prefer to do it on your own, then you must start of by testing a small section of your house. If the pressure has caused any damage, it will only be in a small section rather than the whole house. Always remember to spray at a downward angle, avoiding any seams or cracks as much as possible.

Skip the wash

While it is necessary to know on what materials the pressure washer must be used, it is important to also know when not to use it. If in case you home is made out of brick, or any type of delicate wood, it is best to wash the exterior by hand using an ordinary hose. This process may take longer, but it is better than damaging your house.

All these processes may seem rather time consuming, but if you want your home to squeaky clean, it is necessary to put in a bit of effort.