The Office Lounge

The entrance in any corporate office space, leads to a lounge. These lounges can be different sizes, different styles and serve for different purposes. It gives the first impressions of any office building and trade your making business in. customers most often, encounter the lounge before anything else, upon entering your office space. Having this space welcoming, is the key to making first impressions about your company and what’s in store for the customer. This is the very reason, that you have to pay a little extra attention, when designing and furnishing your office lounge. It is vital to ensure comfort, welcoming and inviting feeling to anyone who enters the office and spend a few moments or couple of hours at the lounge.

The furniture

Adding in pieces of furniture to lounge is important. This is the space, many come and take a seat waiting to meet someone, signing of documents or taking a breath out of the office space. Having some comfortable pieces of furniture or some artistic furniture, can add so much elegance to the lounge. Based on preferences you can choose to go with antiques, that can give it a traditional value, or spice the lounge up with some French furniture in Sydney. If you are looking at something vibrant and more trendy, go in and throw some bean bags, that can create a different ambiance. Some cozy couches, bucket chairs will fill in the space ideal, creating a welcoming effect to the lounge. 

The colors

Keeping it simple is elegant. You can choose to paint your walls in white or a shade of white. You can also choose to say it out loud with bright primary colors. Choose a color based on what else you plan to include in the lounge. Based on the colors of the accessories or the other beautiful furnishing. Paintings and pictures or other advertising material that speak about your company. Incorporating all the elements, it is best to decide on a neutral color that would go with anything. It has to be eye pleasing and not too disturbing. It’s the first point of entry to any business, keeping it simple is informing of the classiness you maintain, in your business as a whole.

Coffee bar

No lounge is complete, without a coffee bar. This is one the must haves in any lounge in a corner. Setting up your coffee bar creatively is up to you. Having something ready to serve your customers with or treating your employers to a break and enjoy a cup of coffee, while seated on a comfy sofa, is essential in any lounge. You can choose to have a fancy coffee bar set up with some bar stools, a table top or you can choose to have a simple coffee machine and some cups, for anyone to serve their own coffee. The creative aspect is always in the hands of the company, based on choice, but ensuring to create a lasting impression, is always the first on the list.