How To Maintain Different Types Of Floors

Flooring makes up a major part of a house, and well maintained flooring can make even a decade old house look brand new. While floor maintenance seems quite the arduous task, it can be done easily if you have the basic know how. Here are the ways in which you can keep various types of flooring looking as if they have been newly installed.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors can be difficult to maintain since wood will easily start to show wear after a few years. The trick to this is to not let your floors get exposed to a lot of heat, moisture or any other harmful substance. You should first start out by vacuuming your floor and getting rid of all the dust that lies on its surface. Once the vacuuming is done you can start to mop your floors. However you cannot mop your hardwood floors in the same way that you would a tiled floor. Hardwood floors cannot handle a lot of moisture, so instead of dumping a wet mop on them, you need to spray a bit of water mist on the floor, and then proceed to mop that up with a dry soft mop.

Tiled Floors

Tiled floors are considered to be the easiest kind of flooring to maintain. The same first step as with hardwood floors apply. You need to vacuum or sweep your tiled floor before you move on to the next step which is mopping. Mopping tiled floors isn’t too much of a hassle, and can be done the old fashioned way with some warm water and a detergent. The trouble exists, however, in between the tiles. You can use any type of grout cleaner that you have at your disposal to sort out this problem.

A grout cleaner can be made at home, and most people simply use a solution made up of either hydrogen peroxide, or baking soda.

Marble or Granite

Most people make the mistake of thinking that marble floors and tiled floor require the same treatment. This however is not true and you need to use a different approach when cleaning your marble or granite floors. Start out by making sure that any cleaning agent you buy is specifically made for marble, and not for tiles. Use that cleaning solution along with cold water in order to mop your floor. Once this is done you should leave it out to air dry. Vacuuming marble floors is not recommended and you should avoiding doing so at all costs. In addition you can also wax your marble floors in order to make sure that they stay shiny, as well as act as a barrier between the marble and dust particles.