Get An Environmental Friendly Gift For Your Child’s First Birthday

Sometimes lot of thought goes into give-giving. It’s an entire process where the gift options are considered against the character of the recipient. What about a toddler then? How would you measure up his or her character? This is not possible. A Child, at a stage of infancy, may not show a sense of distinctly coherent personality, from other infants of a similar age, for he or she is still developing in that front. It is up to you to consider, as a parent, a relative, or a family friend, what would be best for the child. Children at this stage prefer toys. What kind of a toy should it be then? Do you want to stick by that miniature plastic fire truck model you to have given half a dozen other kids? Or do you prefer that plastic Barbie? We no longer live in a society where the impact of our conduct to the larger picture of global warming is trivial. Every little thing matters. ‘Going green’ has become a household matter now. Should we not start with the kids then? Should we not start with kids’ playthings? This is an effective way of leading [by example].

What to buy?

Get something bio degradable: the pretty cloth-doll you saw at the toy store, the wooden military set you saw at the department store, or the wooden toy cooking equipment. Eco gifts have a steady growth with regard to purchases. The reality could be mere case of getting in the band wagon, or a classic case of “we are doing it because it is all the rage these days”: yet it matters not.

What is required is a turn of the tide. And the method of realization is inconsequential. Therefore, as good parents and concerned Earth-ers think of what you ‘should’ get rather than what you ‘want; to get, for your child. Practice buying eco gifts. Do what is right by your child’s future. Be a good parent.

Where can I get them?

There are multiple stores which sell environmental friendly gifts, apart from the regular plastic and metallic ones. Better yet, the trend that has been set with regard to the former has created a good market for such gifts. You can try your nearest toy/department store. Or you can search in the internet: There is bound to be a wealth of products right there. Be a bit ‘picky’ when you choose the right product. Suitability of the item for your kid is an important matter, agreed, and yet, look for the one that stands out the most in terms of eco friendliness.