Facts About Marble Tile Flooring For Your Home

Are you considering marble tiling for your home? Well, they can certainly add an aesthetic elegance to your home. There are different types of marble tiling available in the market which come in different size, shape and colour. Over the past two decades, the popularity of these floors has grown exponentially. Hence, it is an excellent investment to go for marble tiling. The use of marble tiling has been observed in offices, large buildings, small houses, mansions, churches, etc.

Their uses widely include countertops, flooring, fireplaces, exterior facades and fireplaces. Marble is known to be one of the hardest natural stones; hence they can be used in high traffic areas as well as light commercial applications. The most popular residential uses of marble tiles are bathroom floors, decorative foyers, fireplace hearths, window sills, etc. Also, they can be used in backsplashes, wall covering, showers and tub decks in bathroom.

Marble tile flowing is used for its refined beauty and ornate. These used to be a common fixture in the spas of ancient Romans and Greeks. The use of marble tiles can be found in Renaissance courtyards in medieval Europe too. Also, you can find their use in the towering sky scrapers in many countries.

For centuries, these elegant tiles have been added as symbols of extravagance as the architects and builders prefer them for exuding style. There is an element of artistry that makes the marble tiling a favoured material. The opulence of using this tiling has grown over the ages.

They are available in a variety of colours to suit different kinds of homes. You can get a tiling of your choice to suit your sense of aestheticism and practical uses and tastes. These tiling are veined with rivulets of colours on different backgrounds of earthy stones. This offers a distinct, subtle and bold look to the home. The common types of tiles available in the market are white, beige, red, brown, pink, etc.

These kinds of natural stone tiles can easily get stained with soft drinks, acids, juices, etc. Hence, they must be sealed and resealed with commercially available sealants. Owing to the non-recurring patterns of these tiles, the dirt on the floor tiles cannot be observed.

Many commercial suppliers and vendors focus on variations in patterns and colours in these tiles. These tiles vary if prices depending on the kind you are choosing. Some are cheaper, while others are expensive. Hardness is another factor governing the price of marble floor tiles. For instance, granites are more expensive compared to marble as granites are very hard. Also, polished granites are darker in colour and hence more expensive. Limestone floor tiles are cheaper than marbles as they are softer.