Beautifying Your Home

Nowadays, with the availability of various types of services, transforming the look of a home is so fast and easy. There are professionals out there in the market who can help you with the best of services.

Enhancing the look of your home

House rendering Brisbane is a process in which the exterior, even the interior concrete or brick walls of the houses are coated with cement, sand, lime based, or a synthetic resin based coloured render. This not only protects the walls from weathering and erosion, but also gives the wall a smooth and textured surface. Render work was seen on early Australian stone and mud brick dwellings but the technique was overlooked until recently it caught the attention of many people.

Importance of render technique

The first and the foremost reason for rendering is visual beauty. In many countries a brick structure is not considered complete until it is being rendered with cement or any other form of coating. Apart from that this technique can lead to the waterproofing and safety from fire of a building. Now the aesthetic beauty is rediscovered once again in Australia and experienced and qualified plasterers are in huge demand.

How to render?

In render, cement, lime and sand are the most important ingredients. Lime is basically used to give the render a creamier texture making the render more elastic and it reduces the chances of cracking after it gets dried. The sand should be fine and impurity free. Some of the other ingredients used are different types of bonding agents, pigments, and additive for slowing down the process of drying. Render is to be applied in smooth and thin coats with the help of trowel. Depending on the preferred texture of the surface, top coats may be smeared using a trowel, or a brush, a sponge or even a hessian bag.

But with more advancement, more and more advanced technologies are coming up. These days acrylic pre-mixed products have come up which have greater waterproofing properties and can be readily applied to those surfaces on which standard render cannot stick to. There are even some renders which can be applied with spray equipment. Where traditional renders take up to 28 days to fully dry up and set, acrylic renders settle within 24 hours.


1. CEMENT: Cement render is the process in which the exterior walls are coated with a premixed layer of cement and sand to brick, cement, mud brick or stone. It is often coloured, or painted after application. This technique can be even used on an exterior wall.

2. POLYSTYRENE: This kind is economical and user friendly. Since polystyrene is a good insulator, this light weight system provides safety from the heat as well as the cold, making the home more comfortable.

3. WHITE SET: This kind is ideal for makeover and renovation work and is suitable for indoors.